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What Art School Failed to Teach Me

What Art School Failed to Teach Me.

Higher education isn’t perfect. Many of us pursue college because we believe that it will offer us a more successful. A good paying good. A road to achieving the all American dream. For most this is a disillusionment. I'm not saying that college can't offer these things, but I'm not saying that it can.

Many friends of mine and professionals often talk about our college experience, the education we received and how it stacks up to the real world. Truthfully I've learned more in the streets of art than I did in college. A little background on my education path, so you know where I am coming from. I studied at Parsons School of Design and quickly transferred out. I started over at Fashion Institute of Technology. I got my Associate degree in Fashion Illustration, then continued my BFA in Illustration. A few years later I returned to school. I attended a graduate program at the School of Visual Arts. I graduated with my Masters in Art Education.

Throughout my experiences in these different schools, I felt some education was lacking. Yes, we can't expect to learn everything in the 4 walls of higher education. However, these few core concepts I believe are vital to a path of a successful artist.

Color Theory

How to get a job as an artist.

Think like a brand.

The business side of art.

How to use social media.

Let me know your thoughts about your college experience. Did you feel there was something missing from your program? Please share in the comments below.

See you in a future video!

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