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DIY Watercolor Travel Kit

Watercolor Travel Kit DIY

Hey, art stars! Thanks for checking out my DIY. This is a super fun DIY that can help you maximize your watercolor set. I find it much more easy to paint with watercolor when the set is ready to go. Creating your own palette will cut down on your prep time and make it very easy to create on the go. This is a very easy DIY that will save you time and extend the life of your watercolor tubes.

In this video, I will also show you how to create a swatch palette for your travel kit.

What you will need:


Pill boxes

Watercolor set

Hot glue gun

Palette knife

For the Swatches:

watercolor paper





Step By Step Instructions:

1. Plug in your glue gun and load it up. Set it aside.

2. Prep your pill boxes by snipping off the tops/lids

3. Glue the pillboxes into the container.

4. Arrange your watercolors to fit your wells. Fill up each space with watercolor.

5. Use a palette knife to smooth the watercolors.

6. Set aside to dry our colors. The drying time will vary depending on the quality of paint and humidity.

7. Measure on a watercolor page the same amount of boxes that make up your new palette.

8. Write the name of each color into each box as laid out.

9. Fill each box with the appropriate color.

10. Let dry and glue to the lid of your kit.

I absolutely LOVE this DIY. It is so easy to transport this kit. It fits easily into my purse or bag. Making art during summer adventures does not have to be a burden. My kit is small and lightweight. You have no excuse not to bring your art supplies! Now go make some art!

See you in a future video! More about Jennifer Amazon: Site. IG: FB: Etsy: Netheria: Facebook Art Group Amazon Art Tribe

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