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Welcome to the Amazon Cave

Hey guys! Welcome to the blog. I warn you now that I am not much of a writer. Pictures good, words bad. That's been my motto. However I wanted to have a set place to relay messages and updates. I am on so many social media sites which change and update all the time. I think it would be a good thing for me to have a home base! Well here it is. Welcome to the Amazon Cave. Ill be sure to share what I'm up to and you can always start a conversation below in the comments.

Today I just joined Periscope and shot my first broadcast. The broadcast can be reviewed up to 24hrs then POOF. It's gone into cyberspace! So if you have the app come find me at JenniferAmazon and let me know your account. I'm always looking for a good distraction from cleaning my house.. ha! Well until next time ;)

xoxo Jennifer

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