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How to Survive Art School

How to Survive Art School

Having attended art school and graduated with high GPAs, I can share with you some good advice. Through school, there are some basic things you can do to stay on your game.

Get a planner/sketchbook

Keep a book where you store all of your notes, due dates, assignments and so on inside of. Let this be a catch all of the information for you. If you can a single place to store your vitals you will never go searching for the scrap piece of paper again.


You need a sturdy place to store all of your materials and supplies. If you are a commuter, then this is especially important. Your art supplies are your life line. Having a secure place to stash your goods will keep you focused on your craft and not where you last had your t-square.

Be Proactive

Don’t get caught up in the procrastination game, it will win and you will lose. As soon as you get an assignment, get to work! Every class is expecting something from you, so do not delay. Waiting till last minute will show in your work. Results will be sloppy and rushed. Trust me us teachers can see the difference!

Make time for Self Care

Keeping your mental and physical health in prime condition will make college a better experience. When you are in fighting shape you are better prepared for the challenges and tasks before you. Stress can cause you to fall ill and that will affect your ability to create work, focus, and of course your attendance! If you struggle with mental health, utilize your school counselor. Seek help when a crisis arises. There are trained professionals available 24 hours of every single day. You do not have to suffer!

Don't Be the Idiot

Yes, college can be known for wild parties, heaving drinking, and drug use. Don't be the idiot. don't be the person who is parting so often that you are missing classes, not turning in work on time and making your social life the priority. This behavior can be risky and lead to some dangerous situations. School is the time to work on your portfolio, make connections and set you on a path for a great career.When you graduate, it's your portfolio and work ethic that will get you the job. Not your keg stand.

Be Open with Teachers

Most teachers have chosen this profession because they are passionate about teaching the next generation of artists. They want to help you. If you find yourself struggling with an assignment, home or relationship issues, bring it to their attention. If it affects your ability to produce work, then they should know. Follow the mode of contact they provide and prefer. They will have resources available to get you the assistance you to need to set you up for success.

I wish you all the best and tons of success this school year! If you have anything to add to this conversation, drop it in the comment section below.

See you in a future video!

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