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Personal Art Update // July 2017

Artist Vlog: Personal Art Update July 2017

July has been stellar guys!

At the beginning of this month, I had attended an artist workshop at the Society of Illustrator. For further details go check out that vlog,

During my portfolio interview, I learned a lot about how to gear my artwork for the world of book illustration. Lauren talked to me about visual hierarchy and emphasis in a world. My imagery was competing with itself. She really gave me a clear roadmap to help me strengthen my focus and design.

I got a ton of work completed for Netheria, a fantasy epic tale. I started by changing my schedule to incorporate time to work on the book. Every morning I get up before everyone else does and spend a single hour writing. During that time I play an instrumental playlist from YouTubers. The playlist serves as my timer and keeps my juices flowing. I can bang out a couple of pages during this time. Those few pages add up as the days pass and weeks fly. My sister and I are hoping to have a rough draft by the end of August.

In addition to writing Netheria, I have also begun to plug away at the images for the coloring book. This book will help to serve as promotion about our story and generate interest. The thumbs are completed and I’m onto the rough drawings. About half are completed with a goal of 24 coloring pages. Please follow me on Instagram to see the behind the scenes artwork for that project.

July was a time of a lot of trips and mini vacas for me. During these times I made sure to do some plein air studies and get my practice in. Always travel with your art supplies and be ready to make time for your art.

August is here and I plan on participating in the art challenge, #Smaugust. Smaug is the dragon from The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. This month artists are dedicating themselves to making dragon related art. Join the challenge and use the hashtag.

See you in a future video!

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