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Oracle Art Coloring Book

Hello, my magical beings and creatures! I am so happy to reveal my coloring book, Oracle Art. It is a companion piece to the illustrative work I did for the Healthy Witch Oracle Deck. That deck was a dream come true to illustrate. I had full license to have fun and bring forth all magical beings to the deck. I called and they answered. It's full color and wild! Not only did I have massive creative control, but I also have full license over my art. Blessed be, witches! It's wonderful to work with an Author who respects the work, the artist, and the process. This empowers me to create my coloring book, sell prints or use the illustrations in another way.

I truly believe in the healing power of art. This Oracle deck is all about healing and putting the focus back on your body. The deck offers great insight into actions one can take to make a difference in one’s health. My coloring book provides something a little different. The act of coloring helps to reduce anxiety and promotes relaxation. It gives one a chance for creative exploration that you otherwise may not delve into. Coloring allows the mind to wander into a meditative state. Here we can practice mindfulness. Often people dismiss coloring books, but it is a powerful tool for mental health.

If you are interested in the Oracle Deck, it is only available for preorder online. It will be officially launched on March 28, 2023. The book The Healthy Witch by TJ Perkins is available for purchase online through a few retailers. My coloring book may be purchased directly from Amazon, along with my other coloring books, planners, and notebooks.

I really do love creating coloring books. I just recently ordered myself some new artist pens from Faber-Castell so I can get back to inking. Last fall, just before the fire, I was working on a Spookie Boopie coloring book. It truly was a miracle that my artwork was salvaged for that book. It was meant to be! I feel really blessed to have those illustrations. I love them so much, they are just so adorable. I can't help but smile when I look at their sweet faces.

Do you still enjoy coloring books?

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