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Why I Left YouTube

Why I Left YouTube

Happy New Year everyone. It's been awhile since I posted. I feel like it's time that I come back and let you know what happened. My last video that I uploaded dropped in about August of 2017. Since then I was still filming and had some vids hanging around waiting to be edited and uploaded. Week after week went by and I didn’t get to it. I kept putting it off. My heart wasn’t into it and let's get down to it.

I started YouTube for the sole purpose of staying accountable for producing personal artwork and then sharing it with the world. That this space would act like a living diary where I could be held accountable and share my love for fantasy illustration. That didn’t happen. I got caught up in the machine of YouTube, the need to produce content every week. I thought about what kinds of content would my viewers be into, the demand to stay on trend or relevant. I strayed from my true purpose. I was making video content for the sake of making a video. I regret none of my videos and enjoyed creating and even discovered that I enjoyed the process of editing. However, I was still not created the work I wanted to create and connect with a community. I got hit with so many spammers and bots. It's crazy. The few of you who are genuine, thank you for being your true self.

I have decided to back off this channel and only update when it brings me joy. It is not my goal to be “youtube famous” Instead I have created a Patreon account that is more aligned with the needs and goals of artists. There creators and patrons are paired together. I will be able to create my artwork and be fully supported by people who are truly passionate and excited about the type of artwork that I create. I will be creating video content for Patreon, artwork, behind the scenes looks, special gifts and so on. I am so excited about this next step of my creative path. This is what I need to grow as an artist, to find my niche, and find my happy. You are more than welcome to join me. Just follow this link to check out the page,

See you in a future video!

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