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Personal Art Update // May & June

Personal Art Update May & June Oh geez what a rough few months I’ve had guys. Things are about to get real personal. But that's the beauty of this space right? To share the reality of life. I decided to combine two months into a single video. My reason for that is because I’ve had a health crisis. Early May I found out that I was pregnant. My husband and I were hoping to one day have another child. Within the same breath, the doctor told me that it was an Ectopic pregnancy. I had to remove it before it could cause damage to my body. I followed the doctor's orders and he administered a shot to dissolve the pregnancy. It failed to work. A week later I was internally bleeding and needed life-saving surgery. I lost a Fallopian tube, but I was still alive. Bless the doctors, nurses and everyone who helped that night.

It took a few weeks for me to recovery. In what I lost, I gained so much.

I have a renewed sense of purpose, recharged to progress with my portfolio. I have also let go of things that were once so important, that never really served me. The letting go is beautiful and makes room for all this IS important. I am blessed to be sitting here, typing this blog. I am ALIVE. I am ready to advance my art. See you in a future video! More about Jennifer Amazon: Site. IG: FB: Etsy: Netheria:

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