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COMICONN at Foxwoods

COMICONN at Foxwoods 2017 // Artist Vlog

Hello from Comiconn!!

This year I joined forces with writers Daniel LaRussa and Kristabell626. Together we are taking over Comiconn!!! Held at the elegant Foxwoods Resort, let me take a minute to say WOAH. This place is amazing. We stayed at the Fox Tower and the party never seemed to stop. The people were incredibly friendly everywhere we went. The food was OUTSTANDING. Seriously can I live here?

During this insane weekend, I had a chance to meet some great people. I was most excited to meet Jim Balent, who in my opinion is the artist who may draw Catwoman. When meeting him he was so generous and kind. I was so bowled over by his sweetness. I was also able to meet Holly Golightly, Jim's very animated wife. She is electric! What a beautiful pair of artists, I hugged them both. Very cool people. Go buy all their artwork and comics people! I was also able to meet sci-fi writer Timothy Zahn. He was very gracious and kind to us. Ivy DoomKitty was also on my list. I totally gushed all over her. She is a wonderful role model of body positivity. Honestly, friends, I've been struggling with my weight gain. Mental health is no joke. As I'm coming to terms with dealing with my issues, I look to DoomKitty and BAM! She's a thick chick who make no apologies about it. She is sexy and confident. She proves that size does NOT determine beauty. Beauty and confidence can be found at any number on the scale. Thanks, Babe, you are my shero. I couldn't tell you all this because I was too busy acting like a fangirl.

At our booth, we were promoting Sage and Netheria. Both books I created the artwork for. Sage is currently available for purchase on Amazon, see links below. Netheria is in the works to be released later next year. This weekend was a world wind of fun. During the convention, we were interviewed multiple times and the links will be dropped below as I get them. A successful event with great people. Thank you to everyone who purchased prints of my artwork, which may be purchased online as well. I can't wait for our next event. Please show your support and follow us through our channels and social medias.

See you in a future video!

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