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Personal Art Update // April

Hello, my creative friends!

This month I was completely consumed by completing Sage. This Illustration is for the new sci-fi/fantasy novel, Sage The Shadow Walker. The books are currently available online, links are below to check them out. We will be promoting this book an upcoming Comic Con in CT. I am so excited, it has been awhile since I have been to a convention.

I also began work on a passion project with my sister YouTuber, Kristabell626. It's a fantasy novel that has been in the works for years. We are currently ironing out the story’s timeline. We are putting together a little teaser book about our world which we have created. It will have some concept art, illustrative map, and descriptions of key places. I look forward to sharing more with you.

May is gearing up to be a very busy month as I prepare for comic con. New paintings are in the works! Yay. OK, I have to go hit the drawing board. Thanks for tuning in.

I’ll keep you posted. Follow my Insta for more updates and I’ll see you in a future video!

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