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Giveaway time!

200 Subscribers Thank You and Giveaway Contest


200 Subscribers. Thank each and every one of you for hitting that subscribe button. It's been a blast creating videos and sharing them with you all. I have been having a blast here on YouTube.

When I started this channel, I began with a single goal. To make myself accountable for the amount of art I output. I grew that in connection with my Instagram account. Using these two platforms have helped me grow artistically. I’m steadily making more art. I'm waking up to the possibilities of the internet and social media. It feels so wonderful to be connected with other artists and art lovers online.


First you must be a subscriber!

Next, submit a comment below about which medium is your favorite; Oil, Acrylic, or Watercolor and please tell me WHY


So you want extra credit huh? For an extra entry please visit my Instagram account JenniferAmazon. Follow the account and look for the picture mentioned in this video. Next, LIKE that photo and answer the question on that Instagram post.

Contest ends May 17, 2017. I will announce a winner the following day.


Will receive a set of 10 brushes. These work well for oil, acrylic, and watercolor. You will have to contact me to make arrangements.

See you in a future video!

More about Jennifer Amazon:


IG: JenniferAmazon


Etsy: TheAmazonBazaar

Facebook Art Group

Amazon Art Tribe

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