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Personal Art Update // March 2017

Personal Art Update // March 2017

Hello, my creative friends!

OK, March was BUSY! I completed a private commission for a painting of a family’s home. My client was so very happy to receive her painting. I'm so glad! I was very nervous about this one. I really wanted to capture the essence of the home and fill the painting with love. She was thrilled with the final painting. I love having happy clients!

I picked up another commission, an illustration for Save the Date cards for an upcoming wedding. It is a spiderman comic theme. This is a fun project filling with personal details and touches about the happy couple. I’ll compete that one in early April, so I'll share then.

Sage is gearing up to be in the final stages. Set to be completed next month. Follow my Instagram for more developments about that project. The book will be toured at comic cons and possibly other venues.

I also began work on a passion project with my sister YouTuber, Kristabell626. It's a fantasy novel that has been in the works for years. We are currently ironing out the story’s timeline. More details to follow.

Anf finally! I did something very impulsive. I submitted an application for IMC 2017 Scholarship. The program is a dream for any illustrator. The Masterclass is a week long in June and the educators are the icons of fantasy and storytelling. In addition to the artists, art directors will also be involved educating the students. I long for this chance. I would never allow myself to spend 3k on a program when I have a family to care for and business to run. It feels so selfish to even think of it. However, if I got the scholarship, it would be my golden ticket, my acceptance letter to Hogwarts, my entrance into the Jedi Academy. I am not too old to begin my training!! Alright, I’ll calm the F down… lol. But yeah, I want this.

I’ll keep you posted. Follow my on Insta for more updates and I’ll see you in a future video!

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