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How to Draw a Rose

How to Draw a Rose

Ok time for another HOW TO! In this film I will be sharing with you how I draw a rose.

First thing you must do is prepare your supplies. For this drawing I will be using:

  1. Bristol paper from Canson

  2. Prismacolor pencils

  3. Col-erase Red Pencil

  4. Eraser

  5. Sharpener

Step By Step

  1. First take your Col-Erase pencil and outline the rose on the page. Fill the space.

  2. Pick up a light colored pencil, selecting a color that is found in the rose. Draw the inner and outer contours of the rose. Keep these lines rough, light. and loose.

  3. Next color in each petal one by one.

  4. Select one spot then expand from it. Try not to jump around the page. Focusing on one area at a time helps your accuracy in color choices.

  5. Use the broad side of your pencil to blend and fill in large areas. Use the tip for more precision details.

  6. Take your time and spend more time LOOKING at your subject than your page. Draw what you see, not what you imagine is there. Your drawing will be more accurate and realistic.

***PRO TIPS***

*Col erase pencils can be erased so use this to establish the foundation of the drawing.

*Prismacolors pencils blend fantastically well together. You can create layers of pencil for blending new colors. Keep it light to build more layers.

*When using color, study color theory. It helps your understanding and application of color.

See you in a future video!

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