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Personal Art Update // February 2017

Personal Art Update // February 2017

Hello, my creative friends!

February flew by, as it always does. I kept busy with a lot of business coming in. SAGE is moving forward, ironing out the composition and color palette. I will have a finished color rough by the beginning of the March, then onto the canvas! I spend a lot of time creating the foundation of a painting. All the problems must be solved within the composition and design. This makes for a faster execution of a painting.

I finally finished “Warpaint”. Thank the Amazons! I was experimenting with some new colors, ones that are NEW to my flesh palette. The worked beautifully together and I absolutely love them. This is will be my go to set for the continuing works in this Amazon series.

This video I share with you a sneak peak on a coloring book that I am putting together. It's all about Italy. Inspired by my trip and my new art supplies from Florence/Firenza. I was able to bang out a couple more pages this month. I'm looking to be completed with this project come spring 2017.

In addition, I have been hired for a private commission. Unfortunately, I cannot share the details on that as per request of my client. Nonetheless, I am thrilled to be working on it! Another writer has reached out to me as well for some images for another fantasy book release at the end of this year. I'll keep you updated on that project in the future.

As always I use my hustle binder to keep me on track of my monthly goals and projects. It really helps me guys. I have been battling illness and it's so easy to get sidetracked and forget what you should be doing. I check in with my goals and remind myself what needs to be done. It is always easy, but the binder is an honest tool that puts the mirror to your face and says HEY GO MAKE SOME ART NOW. Go watch my video about how I use it and where you can get your hands on it.

OK on to March!!!

See you in a future video!

More about Jennifer Amazon:

Site. IG: JenniferAmazon FB: Etsy: TheAmazonBazaar

Sage: Gate to Vengeance

I have created an art group on Facebook for artists and aspiring artists to gather. Here we share art, talk art and so on. It's a judgment-free group designed for all of us to learn and be inspired. Please join us to up your art game!

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