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Art Haul Holiday Edition: Update // Product Review

Art Haul Holiday Edition: Update // Product Review

In a previous video, I did some serious shopping for art supplies at my favorite art store, AC Moore. There I had picked up a variety of items that I played with. Let me share with you, my take on these products.

Sharpie Metallic Markers: Fabulous! They truly shine and give the appearance of metal. They glide onto the paper so smoothly. It’s like butter! Or buttaaah!! Lmao.

Faber Castell Pitt Pens: As always a great buy. They performed beautifully. Smooth and saturated ink. The white pen is my favorite! It covers the other ink pens (Faber-castell) so well. The white ink is opaque and provides beautiful highlights! This is my favorite purchase from this haul.

Cardstock Papers from Nicole: Lovely patterns and solids. The paper quality is great. The thickness of the paper can stand up beautifully to inks and collage products. I will be using this product for projects to come.

Faber-Castell Graphite Pencils: Wonderful drawing pencils. They blend beautifully and provide a good range of values. Always a great product. Keep these in your arsenal.

Artist Acrylic Paint Bottles: Very disappointing. I had previously bought this brand's white and black paint and they worked very well. Nice consistency and coverage. The colors, however, fell short of my standards. The colors did not mix well together. The paint’s opaqueness was light and needed additional layers for coverage. Would be good for children just learning to paint or craft projects that do not need to mix colors. I would not recommend this to a serious art student. You deserve better than this.

Canson Art Books, Watercolor: I began to create a watercolor painting of a rose with this paper and a watercolor set I own. The paper was able to withstand multiple layers of watercolor without buckling. This is a solid watercolor pad. It's inexpensive and good quality. If you enjoy watercolor, this is a good pad to keep on hand.

Thank you for checking out my product review. I hope this review will help make your next art purchase a little easier.

I am not sponsored by any of these brands. But seriously, Faber-castell needs to call me.

See you in a future video!

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