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Whats in my travel art bag?

What's in my Art Bag?

So would you like to learn more about what an artist keeps in their travel art bag? Well I can’t speak for every artist, but I can show you how I pack for an art adventure. Below are a list of items I typically carry with me when I am off to make art in the great unknown.

Inside my bag

Sketchbooks, one for dry and the other for wet mediums

Dry mediums: drawing pencils HB-6B, colored pencils, mechanical pencil

Wet mediums: ink brush pens and gel pens

Fresh fruit or veggies, along with a chewy snack

Water bottle


Cell phone and essentials (cash, ID, lip balm! hygiene products)

SPF, hat, glasses- consider your environment

Small blanket

Some pro tips

Keep it light! You will be walking around for who knows long, don't weigh yourself down.

Bringing snacks will keep you making art, instead of cutting short to go grab food.

Take photos with your camera to finish up artwork at a later time.

Make sure electronics are fully charged and memory available for taking photos.

Keep all essentials and electronics in a main pocket that zips up for extra security.

Shout Outs!

Vegan Oatmeal cookie recipe:

Bag Designer, Artist Diana Rubio

I hope you enjoyed this video and it will help you to plan and pack for your next art adventure. Did I leave something out? What would you pack in your bag? Share with me a comment. Thanks for stopping by! Now go make some art!

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