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Personal Art Update // January 2017

Personal Art Update // January 2017

Hello, my creative friends!

I have decided to create a monthly weekly that details were I am at with my personal art life. It is important for me to keep my resolutions in check! As you know from a previous video, I am committed to creating my own personal art portfolio. There is a series of painting I desire to work on and life seems to always get in the way.

This month was a good start to my year. First and foremost I received some fantastic Xmas presents that will help me in my art journey. My husband purchased a grayscale pitt set from Faber-Castell. It has warm and cool grays, as well as a black nib and brush pen. LOVE IT. I had used this set for my Winter Art sketch film. My sister, youtube girl Kristabell626, and my mother recently took a trip to Italy. They returned with some wonderful Christmas presents for me. They each bought me a sketchbook with my name embossed on the covers. I broke down crying from these gifts. I went to Italy in college and it was a life-changing experience for me. In Italy, I had bought myself a sketchbook and books for my loved ones. I went to that little shop in Florence and had all their names and mine embossed on the cover. To have that gift returned to me 11 years later, is so incredibly touching. Italy was a magical time for me and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to have visited. I hope to return in the future.

Secondly, I have been hired to design the cover art for the upcoming sci-fi fantasy book, SAGE. I had designed the first book and so thrilled to be coming on again in the second. I’m currently gathering materials for research and figuring out color palettes. I have the go ahead to share via social media about my artistic process for this project so make sure to follow me on Instagram.

I have created an art group on Facebook for artists and aspiring artists to gather. Here we share art, talk art and so on. It's a judgment-free group designed for all of us to learn and be inspired. Please join us to up your art game! This month I will be announcing a giveaway for my art peeps. Stay tuned!

In addition I have shared two paintings that I have began, but not completed. I am determined to finish these paintings. The deserve to be finished and I can move on from them. One is an oil painting and very dramatic. The other is pencil and watercolor. Eventually that one will be completed in acrylic.

So a pretty good month right?! Let's bring in February!!

See you in a future video!

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