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How I Hustle

How To Hustle // The Hustle Binder, Planning Kit for the Female Entrepreneur

Welcome to another video by your favorite Amazon! Today I would like to share with you HOW I HUSTLE! Yes! Secrets to how I slay the game on the daily. I’m just like you in a lot of ways. I’m just a one person who has many roles. I’m a parent, a wife, artist, hold down a part-time job, run my own business, and care for my family. So how do I stay motivated and on top of my tasks?

It's all being proactive and planning. Through trial and error, I have created a system that works for me. I call it my Hustle Binder. Having a planner is not enough. It just isn't. When you have major goals you wish to crush, you need actionable steps and methods that keep you accountable.

I designed this planning system to help me stay on track of my professional and personal goals. This binder has become my business bible. I hope that this video will inspire you to stay motivated and moving towards your dreams. You can create and design your own life. It's your canvas!!!

The Hustle Binder

This downloadable PDF may be purchased from Etsy. The pages include; Title, Goal Planning worksheet, Monthly layout, Weekly planning, Everything list, Monthly hustle gameplan, Financial breakdown worksheets for Income and Expenses.

The Hustle Binder is designed for the passionate woman who is chasing her dreams. She knows that she has to get up, put her heels on, and get to work. If you want to live that "Laptop Lifestyle" this planning kit will help you on your way. For the price of a latte, you, my love can be a boss babe.

Remember the Dream is free, the Hustle is sold separately.

See you in a future video!

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